Software Downloads


SimCCS is freely available through a public GitHub repository (Yaw et al., 2018). This repository includes source code for users that wish to directly modify SimCCS2.0, as well as a packaged executable version (jar file) for users that do not wish to compile code on their own. The data from the sample dataset is included to provide a fully functional example and representative file formats. 


The source code and an executable Java Archive (jar) file of CostMAP is available to the general public as an open source GitHub repository (Hoover et al. 2019). The GitHub repository will include a detailed user manual, including contact information for software developers, and a sample dataset from a CCS study. 


SimCCS Gateway is a cloud computing service that provides novel capabilities for decision support and design of integrated carbon capture, utilization and storage technologies (CCUS). Developed by researchers at Indiana University and Los Alamos National Laboratory, this online platform of the SimCCS software provides a gateway for energy technologies to thrive in a carbon constrained world.